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SHRED IT & EDIT Contest!!
Start Date/Time:
Monday, December 23, 2013
End Date/Time:
Monday, December 23, 2013

SHRED iT & EDiT Season 3 @skisundown Sponsored by Magical GoGo HOW TO ENTER! 

1. Start by filming the SHRED iT & EDIT title box for 3 seconds. All entries need this title box at the beginning of their edit! (go to facebook.com/magicalgogo) 

2. Film you and your friends having a super fast good time at Ski Sundown. 

3. Create a 1 minute edit together using the latest technology and creativity. (1 minute max!) 

4. Upload your edit to YouTube and email us the link (roger@magicalgogo.com) or post it on the Magical Go-Go Facebook page! (facebook.com/magicalgogo) 


 All edits must have the title card in the edit. 

 All footage must be taken at Ski Sundown. 

 Enter as many edits as you like by February 21st Multiple categories will be awarded.

 MOVIE PREMIERE & AWARDS! WHEN: March 1st @ 5:00pm WHERE: Sundown Lodge

 Questions contact JMoss@skisundown.com or roger@magicalgogo.com

Posted On: On Wednesday, September 04, 2013