Junior Instructor Development

 Age 15*, Intermediate skill level & above, skiers & snowboarders  Click here to determine skill level  

*You must be 15 years old by Dec. 10, 2019, but not yet 16 years old.

Learn the fundamentals of teaching snow sports, gain hands-on experience assisting experienced instructors with actual lessons and improve your own skiing or riding along the way!  If you are 15 years old with an interest in becoming an instructor, are a strong intermediate skier or snowboarder, enjoy working with children and have an outgoing personality, the J.I.D. program will give you a jumpstart to becoming a qualified professional snow sports coach.  At the end of the training you will receive an individual evaluation of your potential as a ski or snowboard instructor. Qualified participants will be invited to join the Ski Sundown Snowsports School the following season.  

Enrollment in the training is limited.  Participants are notified of acceptance after review of their application and an interview with one of the coaches.  The training cost is $350, payable after acceptance into the program and includes a Ski Sundown Season Pass.

Please click here to download the Junior Instructor Development Application.  Application deadline is November 1, 2019.  For additional information or questions please call 860-379-7669 ext.213 or email skischool@skisundown.com

"The JI experience was one that has set the tone for my entire time at Sundown.  The relaxed yet focused feeling of the program helped me understand the precise blend of fun and learning that goes into every ski lesson.  I learned things during that program that I continue to use in my instruction to this day.  Anyone considering becoming a ski instructor should consider this program as it helps provide a solid base for teaching in years to come." - Jordan Tragash, Ski Sundown Instructor

"Sundown’s Junior Instructor program opened up so many opportunities for me on and off the slopes. It allowed me to better my own skiing, as well as teach me how to communicate better to people aged 4-65, something that is not only important to teaching, but in other parts of life as well. The Sundown Snowsports School is a really close knit, fun group of people that make work extremely enjoyable. Working as a JI gave me the confidence to go for both my PSIA Level I and my Children’s Specialist certifications; something that has been useful as an instructor and in the college application process. I highly recommend the program to anyone who loves skiing/snowboarding and/or having fun!"  -Ethan Aronson, Ski Sundown Instructor

"Being a JI was honestly life changing. I'm even writing my college essay on it. I met so many people from other towns that have quickly become my best friends. It also showed me the joy that can only come from watching your student making progress. I have had some rough lessons but with my JI training I knew how to handle them. I was prepared for every situation that came my way. I have loved skiing since I was four years old, but during my freshman year of high school I started to not be as in love. That all changed when I became a JI. It showed me that skiing wasn't all about who can ski down the fastest or who can do the coolest trick. Sundown also became a second home to me. All the instructors here have a sense of family. I was welcomed into their fold as a JI and I have made friends that will be my friends for life." -Olivia Vibert, Ski Sundown Instructor 



 Dates   Times
 Sat.  Open of Season to Close of Season  8:30 am - 4:30 pm
 Sun.   Open of Season to Close of Season   8:30 am - 4:30 pm