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A few Helpful tips

How to begin.

If you are new to skiing or snowboarding and visiting Ski Sundown for the first time, the following FAQs will guide you through the process of obtaining your pass or lift ticket, getting fitted for your equipment and meeting your lesson. We also recommend that you follow these easy steps:

  1. Take a lesson with us! It’s important that your first time on the slopes is with a professional instructor. It’s the surest and safest way to learn the proper skills needed to explore the mountain with confidence. If you have never skied or snowboarded before, take advantage of our 1st Timer Package. It’s the most affordable way to get started because it includes your lift ticket, group lesson and rental equipment at a discounted rate. Plus, our professional snowsports instructors are experts at making you feel safe and comfortable during your lesson. Lessons and packages can be purchased online or onsite.
  2. Know your skill level. Check out our Skill Guide to determine what level skier/snowboarder you are. It’s the best way to determine what level of lesson you should take and which trails are designated for your ability level.
  3. Purchase your lift ticket. Lift tickets are flexible and affordable with options including peak or off-peak, 4 hour, 8 hour, and nighttime. Tickets “start anytime” when you hit the slopes and are also available for purchase online or onsite.
  4. Rent ski or snowboard equipment at our Rental Shop. We have expert staff that will help you get the right size and fit for your ability level. And best of all, you can simply return the equipment to our shop before you leave!
  5. Wear a helmet and dress in layers! Although we do not rent helmets or outerwear, you can find these items in our Ski Shop for purchase. Weather is always changeable, so have some clothing items that are weatherproof.
  6. Review our Trail Map and familiarize yourself with our mountain. If you are a 1st timer, locate our Sunnyside Learning Area. Also, find where additional beginner (green circle) trails are located on the mountain.
  7. Check out our Conditions Report for the latest information on trail openings, snowfall totals, and more. Make sure that trails that you are comfortable with are marked as “Currently Open” on our conditions report.
  8. Refuel at our Food Courts! Skiing and snowboarding is great exercize and you may need a snack to fortify yourself!


Where do I buy lessons, rentals, and lift tickets?

Lessons, rentals and lift tickets can be purchased in advance online or onsite. If you purchase online, you can bring your email receipt to any ticket window and you will receive your ticket/pass. Please plan to arrive at least 60 minutes ahead of your scheduled lesson time.

Feel free to email the Welcome Center with any questions, or if you need assistance with registration or payment. You can also visit the Welcome Center desk inside the lodge or any outdoor ticket window.

Lift tickets and more

Where is Guest Services?

You’ll find guest services located at the Welcome Center desk inside the lodge. Staff will be able to assist with questions, registration or payment. If you purchase online, you can bring your receipt to any ticket window, and you will receive a ticket/pass.

Welcome Center Hours & Info

Where is the Rental Shop?

The Rental Shop is located across from the outdoor ticket windows. They have expert staff that will help you get equipment that is the right size and fit for your ability level. Simply complete your Rental Form (available online) before you arrive. If under 18, a parent or legal guardian must also sign. A photo I.D. is required. Click here to download the Rental Agreement.

Rental Shop Hours & Pricing

What should I wear?

Dress in layers! Start with a moisture-wicking base layer (top and pants). Add a fleece or wool top, a water-resistant jacket and pair of snow pants. Wear one pair of wool socks, a helmet, a neckwarmer or balaklava, and waterproof gloves or mittens. You can shed or add to your layering depending on the weather and your level of exertion. Please ask for assistance if you are unsure where the best place is to attach your pass/ticket to your clothing.

Ski Shop Hours & Info

I have a lesson. Where do I find my instructor?

Outside the Rental Shop exit, you will be greeted by a Snowsports School staff member who will assign you to a class. Relax and enjoy your lesson!

Reminder: Please plan to arrive at least 60 minutes ahead of your scheduled lesson time.

About Our Instructors

What do I do with my rental equipment when I’m done?

Once you are finished using your rental equipment, please enter the Rental Shop through the door marked Rental Return and hand your equipment to an employee behind the counter.


You are on your way to a lifetime of skiing or snowboarding fun! If you purchased a 1st Timer package, it is valid on the conveyor lifts and the triple chairlift and trails at the Sunnyside Learning Area. It is the area in front of you as you exit the Rental Shop with your equipment. On your next visit, we recommend that you take a Sunnyside Package or All Mountain Package.

Thank you for choosing Ski Sundown!