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Fun for Littles & Bigs

Our multi-week programs are a great way for kids to learn new skiing/snowboarding techniques in the company of peer groups of similar abilities. And what’s better than hitting the slopes with good friends! Not to mention the benefits of exercising outside in the winter months!

3s on Skis

Skiers Ages 3-4


Skiers Ages 4-6

Mountain Adventures

Skiers Ages 5-15;
Snowboarders Ages 7-15

Girls Rock the Park

Skiers or Snowboarders Ages 8-15

Race Team Development

Skiers Ages 7-17

Junior Club Sundown

Skiers Ages 5-6; 7

Club Sundown

Skiers or Snowboarders Ages 8-17

Junior Instructor Development

Skiers or Snowboarders Ages 15

We love to teach

Ski Sundown Programs

Watch this short video and see our Snowsports School in action! Our professional instructors are passionate about teaching skills and building confidence…all while having loads of fun!