Ski Sundown Midweek 12-pack | New Hartford, CT | Ski Sundown

Save 12x when you Ski or ride

Less than $35 a visit.

Hit the slopes mornings, afterschool, and afterwork! Twelve (12) usages valid for the entire season, Monday through Friday, 9AM-10PM, with the exception of some blackout days*. The best part is that this pass is valid for weekday night skiing (6PM-10PM) on blackout days! Passholders can ski, leave and return on the same day – counts as one use. Pass is non-transferable.

*Midweek 12-Pack pass is not valid on weekends and the following blackout days: Dec. 26-29, 2023; Jan. 1, 15; Feb. 19; Mar. 29, 2024. Pass is valid for night skiing (6PM-10PM) on these blackout days.

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Midweek 12-Pack Pass Prices

Pass Type
Midweek 12-Pack Pass (ages 5 & over)

*Holidays: Dec. 26-29, 2023; Jan. 1, 15; Feb. 19; Mar. 29, 2024.

Available only at the time of pass purchase

Pass Protection Policy

Ski Sundown will reimburse the cost of your Pass on a prorated basis in the event of injury/sickness which prevents your participation in skiing for the remainder of the season. Injury or illness must be confirmed by letter from a licensed physician. The cost of a Protection Policy is 6% of the pretax purchase price of your Pass(es). Refund requests must be received prior to end of season. If you decline the Protection Policy and should be unable to use your Pass for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund.


  1. Passes are non-transferable and may not be given, loaned, rented or transferred to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Transfer or attempt to transfer will result in revocation of the pass without refund, and is punishable under Connecticut theft of services law.
  2. Passes must be clearly displayed at all times when waiting to get on a lift.
  3. In the event you forget your pass, you must purchase a replacement ticket for $10.00, good for one visit.
  4. Report all lost passes to the Welcome Center. Your lost pass will be voided and anyone caught using it will be charged with theft of services. A new pass will be issued for a $10.00 processing fee.
  5. We reserve the right to deny, revoke, or suspend lift and/or skiing privileges at any time, for any reason deemed appropriate by management. This decision is at the sole discretion of Ski Sundown Management and is without refund. In the case of minors, parents will be notified.
  6. If you have a collision resulting in an injury to another skier, it is your responsibility to remain at the collision site until the Ski Patrol arrives and to give them your name and address.
  7. All injuries must be reported to the Ski Patrol before leaving Ski Sundown.
  8. All persons are responsible for their own equipment. Ski Sundown is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment.

Be safety conscious. Know “YOUR RESPONSIBILITY CODE”.